About Keegan
Keegan received his Bachelors of Science in Fitness and Wellness with a Minor in Biology from Park University. Keegan is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist, and Author of the Diet Secret: A Step by Step Guide for Sustainable Fat Loss. 

Want to Learn to lose body fat, and actually know how to keep it off once dieting is over? 
With most diet books, they are about losing weight as fast as possible. That ultimately makes dieting hard to stick too, which leads to binge eating, and putting fat back on after. Possibly even more than what you started with... How is this book different ? Its NOT a solution to a harder problem... Its NOT a 21 day fix... Its a SUSTAINABLE APPROACH to dieting Eating foods you already enjoy! You won't have to ever give up any certain food. Yep, including pizza! Ultimately teaching you how to keep the fat off after the dieting is over.

Physique Coaching
  • Contest Preparation:Keegan has worked with beginners to top level athletes. Helping improve their physique and placement. Using a science based approach, he has the knowledge and experience to help you get to the next level. More often then not, competitors are sabotaged, by methods based upon pseudo-science. Which can lead to a slow metabolism, not bringing in your best with pounds still to lose come show day,
    Coaching plan are individual, to bring in your best genetic potential come show day. 
  • Physique Coaching: Not looking to compete, but looking to improve your physique ? Keegan can take the guess work out of nutrition and training using a researched based approach for long term sustainability.

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